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We only succeed when our clients do

and we are proud of our work when we drive results.

We believe that M&A success is driven by people. Not stakeholders, resources or FTE’s. People. At Pragmatic, clients determined to define the future and our passion for results come together for exceptional outcomes.

“I provide Klaus my highest possible endorsement”

If Klaus is leading an initiative people want to be part of his team, he has a certain style that exudes confidence and can bring together people with a wide set of diverse views together towards a common goal…a lot of people claim they can do this, though Klaus has never had to.

Charles Doucot

General Manager, Talent Objects

“They listened to our challenges and delivered insightful results with a predefined budget”

From the initial briefing through to the final presentation and discussions of the results the team was always extremely energetic and provided great insights which informed our business strategies. We will continue to work with Pragmatic and would highly recommend them to other service businesses transitioning their business models to software.

Michael Mauk

Founder & CEO, Axxiome

“Excellent in M&A, a great leader and a guy who gets stuff done”

At Infor, Klaus was the go-to acquisition and integration executive in Europe. He is very respected for being excellent in all facets of the M&A process and was a highly effective integration leader who simply got stuff done. I highly recommend Klaus to provide M&A advice and leadership to entrepreneurs and investors looking to sell, acquire, and/or integrate complex software businesses.

Chris Murphy

General Manager, Infor

“Every step of the way we felt Klaus had our best interests as his first priority.”

As one of the founder of abas, I am grateful for the guidance and help that Klaus provided to the shareholders during the sales process. Klaus maintained a clear communication flow between all parties, explained every move and clarified every complexity, anticipated roadblocks and took ownership to resolve them. He worked hard to defend the value of our company, got us a clean offer, and kept all parties focused on the finish line.

Werner Strub

Founder & Shareholder, Abas Software

“Thoroughly professional, engaged and motivated. A fantastic result!”

Klaus is the M&A advisor you want on your side.

Christian Dannemann

Shareholder, Abas Software

“I found Klaus to be an excellent mentor for me”

With his open and encouraging style he supported me to develop without me even realising. Klaus has the ability to bring out the best in people.

Rachel Phipps

Head of Customer Success, Lumesse

“Deep software industry knowledge, incredible M&A experience and a pleasure to work with”

Massimo Kuchernig

M&A Specialist, GFT

“I have and will continue to recommend Pragmatic to any acquisitive SaaS company with a buy-and-build growth strategy”

Klaus is not just an M&A expert, he also challenged us to improve our operations by bringing new insights based on real world experience. I really appreciate his way of not only providing expertise and tools, but also to help us to build our own capabilities by asking the right questions so we can see the right solutions for ourselves.

Philippe Willi

Founder and CEO, TrekkSoft

“Thinking about selling your software company? Talk to Klaus!”

At its core, selling a company is sales and the process needs to run like it. Build a funnel, qualify the leads, build the business case for each prospective buyer, and most importantly, close the deal. Klaus is a master at doing exactly that and I can’t recommend him highly enough to any software company planning an exit strategy. But as important as professional expertise may be, the real difference lies in personality. Klaus is honest, candid and authentic. You always know where you stand and what he thinks. Trust is an indispensable foundation in such a process. No one can work successfully without empathy. Klaus really has a lot of it.

Baris Ergun

CEO, Abas Software

“I strongly recommend talking to Pragmatic, no matter if you consider selling your business or growing through acquisitions”

You are an executive or investor in the software industry looking for help in M&A or other change intensive situations? You prefer a clear, straight forward approach to getting things done? Then Klaus is your guy. Klaus has significant experience working hands-on with software companies to drive growth and profitability. His style is direct and authentic and he will help you succeed to achieve your objectives. During our time in Infor we worked together successfully on many acquisitions and integrations and I strongly recommend to talk to Klaus, no matter if you consider selling your business or growing through acquisitions.

Wolfgang Kobek

SVP, Qlik

Above endorsements are personal testimonials for exceptional outcomes we achieved together with clients, co-workers, or associated partners
“In the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.” – Lou Gerstner