Fund and grow

Written by Klaus Enke

Your context

What’s next? What key decision are you thinking about? Are you sure that your business is going to continue creating value and be worth more tomorrow than today? Maybe you’ve been approached by investors wanting to invest in you? Or you need to make that next big investment to grow your company? Maybe your growth has stalled for too long? Or churn suddenly is becoming a problem? In any case you’ve gotten to a pivotal stage in the life of your business and you need to make a critical decision… you’re just not confident or sure of the right thing to do?

How we can help

Let’s do a strategy workshop! Seriously? Given that a large percentage of all strategic initiatives seem to be failing and the fact that “culture is eating strategy for breakfast” anyways, shouldn’t we stop strategizing at all? We believe the answer is not to abandon strategy all together, but to change how it is done. Real strategy is everyday work and not an event. In addition, in our experience, your company’s success is driven to a very large extent by internal factors. In other words, your company will succeed, not because of the economy, technology changes or your competition, but because of what you choose to do. The industry is not your destiny. You are. And as we believe that good strategy starts and ends with customers, a discussion with yours will be our starting point. Next, through a blend of data-driven analysis and creative collaboration we will build an action plan to overcome obstacles and create momentum with the ultimate goal of increasing the value of your company.