Buy and build

Written by Klaus Enke

Your context

Is buying another company your best growth path? Maybe barriers-to-entry are significant, speed is essential or simply because alternative options are limited? If so, are you clear on how to approach your targets, how to finance the deal and how to get it done without distracting your team and missing your numbers?

If done right, acquisitions can lead to incredible strategic leverage, new capabilities, access to new markets and many other value-adding objectives. The key is pricing them correctly, mitigating the risks and executing a well thought-out integration plan.

But acquisitions are also complex and risky. More often than not the initial focus gets lost in deal fever and the opportunities, which underpinned the deal may never be realized.

How we can help

Our approach to acquisition value creation is designed to mitigate risk and ensure focus on achieving the deal rationale throughout the entire process.

We support acquisitive companies and investors by supplementing their M&A capability with our software industry specific know-how and experience in key deal activities, starting with developing a clear strategic logic, through deal origination, due diligence to integration planning and execution.

We have been through this process multiple times and based on that experience we look forward to teaming up with you and bring tested tools and advice to the table to help you stay focused on the ultimate goal of your deal thesis.